Tulum Tour

Probably the most beautiful mayan city, a place dedicated to commerce usted to be a port for the Mayan sailors. Today is a beautiful ruin located right at the sands of the Caribbean Sea! 

For this tour we will take a minivan to pick you up from your hotel and in around 2 hours we will get to the main site where you will enjoy the beauty of the archeological wonders.

In the ruins we will stay for around 5 hours while you learn about the life of the ancient citizens of the city and also you will have a nice bout tour to see how the sailors saw the city as they entered from the sea!

During most of trip you will be accompanied by a guide that will give you all the main information of the place you are visiting and also will gladly answer to all of your questions! then you will have some time to explore the place by yourself.

Price: 80 USD per person
Duration: 9 hours (aprox.)
When: Every Day at 10am
Where: Hard Rock Cafe steal guitar (next to Coco Bongo)